How to choose home remodeler in Los Angeles CA?

How to choose home remodeler in Los Angeles CA?


Most people never even think about hiring a professional kitchen remodeler or whatever remodeler, and when they do quite often it is a friend of a friend’s, buddy who is not a licensed for the job but will do the home remodeling “cheap”. That is how a lot of people in Los Angeles CA end up on the news telling about the “contractor” who took their money and did a job that is falling apart after only one year.


home-remodelerThere are plenty of kitchen or bathroom remodelers out there who can and will do a remarkably good job if given the opportunity. The trouble is there being some very convincing con artist out there who can sell swampland in Arizona, but they do not know a thing about remodeling. That is why its so important to do a little investigating before you sign on the doted line. It is just not worth the few dollars that you might save by hiring someone who does not know what they are doing.


A good contractor like Nelson Construction & Remodeling will welcome your questions about their company, their previous projects, and about their employees. As a matter of fact, most real home remodeling providers will most likely have in their advertisements, that they are licensed and will require that you sign a contract. The following is a list of things that can help you when hiring a contracting service.

The bottom line is your home is important to you, and it should be important to the company that you hire to complete the project, as well. Hopefully by the time you finish reading here, you will have enough information to hire a contractor, that will complete your project on time and do an excellent job.


  1. remdeling-project-approvedVisit local material suppliers or the building permit authority and ask for referrals to reputable construction services.
  2. Get contract bids from at least 4 different companies.
  3. Review the bids making sure to read carefully (know what each bid covers).
  4. Check license – sadly anyone can print a fake license. Find out all that you can concerning each companies license. You can do this by visiting the licensing board or the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website and conducting a search.
  5. Meet with several potential contractors.
  6. Ask questions about recent jobs, insurance, job site rules, drug testing, and background check requirements.
  7. Get at least 3 job related references for each contracting company and call them all.
  8. Write down what you want out of the deal, what you expect from the contractor, what you’re willing to pay, and what you are willing to do or not do then put it in a contract.
  9. Only make an upfront payment of 20 percent or less of the total job cost.
  10. Divide your project into multiple phases and pay for completed phases.
  11. Never ever pay in cash.

Just following those simple rules you can feel confident that you have hired a reputable contractor that will work hard to get your home project finished on time and done right. We couldn’t choose, which room is the most important in one home. You shouldn’t too. No matter if your project is about remodeling the entire place, or it is the only kitchen or bath remodeling it should get the same attention. Often, when the homeowners decide to renovate the whole house, one of those key places is left behind. And the potential problems grow with time. To prevent any further concerns, choose your contractor to be correct, caring and competent.