Home renovation seems scary to you? Trust Nelson Construction & Remodeling

Home renovation seems scary to you? Trust Nelson Construction & Remodeling

Are you considering remodeling your Los Angeles CA home? This is not an easy task for a single person or family; that is why you should hire home-remodeling-new-painting-coatthe most experienced of the home remodeling companies that you can affort. The services that are provided by Nelson Construction & Remodeling who are the best choice if you are planning any type of remodeling project within the Los Angeles CA area. Our company is able to complete any project in your home. This includes upgrading bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or any other rooms in your home as well as installing and replacing new windows.

Nelson Construction & Remodeling in Los Angeles CA carries over 20 years of experience in home remodeling under its belt. We offer custom and full services, depending on the homeowner’s requirements. Talk to us about what you want to achieve and we will do everything possible to turn your ideas into reality. Allow us to create the perfect space for you. We employ a staff of professional designers, architects and proficient craftsmen. Our crew can handle everything – from supplies to advice. Whether you want to add a basement, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, we will be there to help. We know that the process can be scary, especially for those who have never remodeled their home before. For this reason, we will be there to guide and assist you. We guarantee that we have the skill and expertise needed to provide you with a painless and hassle-free experience.

The two most often requested kinds of remodeling are bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

The remodeling of your Los Angeles CA kitchen will include the installation of new tiles, counter- tops, appliances sinks, cabinets, lighting and flooring. Popular materials for counter-tops are decorative laminate and high-end granite, however; there is a vast array of lower end materials which have made their comeback in popularity due to the modern manufacturing process. Energy efficient, modern appliances will save you money and time in the kitchen. Upgrading your sink and faucets will add a new sparkle to the place. There are many options for the cabinets – they can be extended into a designated pantry, an eating bar or a center island. Improving the lighting in your kitchen will do wonders for your space. For the floors, it is good to choose a hard surface such as hardwood or tile.

remodeling contractorsWhen remodeling your Los Angeles CA bathroom, we will pay attention to storage requirements, mirrors and walls, vanities, sinks, bath, showers, faucets, lights and floors. If you have an adequate linen closet or a utility room nearby, additional storage room in the bathroom may be unnecessary, and you will have more space to install separate tub and shower. We can also elongate your vanity to include dual sinks. We will help you to choose the mirrors – the bigger they are, the better. If you have limited space, we can help you to turn it into a beautiful and functional sanctuary. Bathrooms have multiple faucets and accessories like towel holders. We will recommend to you the best looking, quality, yet inexpensive fixtures. We will also take care of the lighting. Finally, we will synchronize your tub or shower surrounds with flooring tiles.

Regardless if, it is a kitchen or bathroom remodeling that you want, or an entire home remodeling, Nelson Construction & Remodeling in Los Angeles CA can help turn your dreams into reality. If the thought of home renovation seems scary to you, just call us at (626) 808-4270, and we will qualm your fears. With us, this undertaking will be much less daunting.